Programs and Services / Employer Info

                                                                                                       Overview of Program Services

All Omni services are designed to work as building blocks.  Each step of the program is designed to increase the participant’s self-esteem, faith in their own abilities, as well as ties to their community.  Each step of the process is designed to build on the last.  Each goal set and met is an investment in the individual, the O.A.S. team, and the community.  Below you will find a brief overview of some of the services offered.  The overview of services is meant to serve as a guide to some of  the O.A.S. programs and services.  The program is results based, consumer focused and directed; therefore, services can and will be modified to suit each individual and their need.

Employment Placement Services:  This program helps individuals improve career opportunities and obtain permanent, integrated competitive employment. The participant is guided through a comprehensive, individualized program to secure and maintain employment as outlined in the O.A.S. participant process.

Request for Services:  Is a program designed to meet immediate needs and eliminate barriers for our participants: obtaining legal identification, clothing, transportation, housing, and any other needs as assessed and set forth in the I.P.P.

Job Coaching: This supportive service offers job coaching to clients that qualify.  Job coaching can assist the client with learning the parameters of their position to ensure long-term success.

Assessment Services:  This process allows us to fully assess a participant's vocational needs, interests and abilities.  By doing career scope testing and sample work sites, the participant is afforded the opportunity to display their abilities in several vocations of interest.  From the information gained through the assessment process, a comprehensive assessment report is developed and includes: the client's desires, observations made by assessor in regards to abilities and limitations as they relate to competitive employment, and recommendations as to best suited vocational goal.

Comprehensive Retention Services:  Through extensive ongoing supports, the client is offered a number of supportive services to ensure long-term job retention.

Money Smart:  Once a participant has successfully completed 30 days of employment, they are eligible and encouraged to participate in Omni's Money Smart Class.  This is a two-hour class on budgeting and responsible money management.  This class includes topics such as: checking and savings account comprehension and management, understanding your withholdings, understanding your benefits and their importance, as well as assisting the participant in designing a budget and adhering to it.

Community Inclusion and Social Awareness:  This program encourages socialization and involvement in the community.  Through social events, recognition ceremonies, and a mentoring program, clients are given the opportunity to make friends and improve their social skills.

Other Services Provided to Participants:

 In the event that an Omni client is in need of a service not currently provided, we will implement the service or locate the service through our community referral program.

     Benefits analysis

     Customized placement services

     Targeted case management

     Legal advocacy

     Mental health court supervision                                                            

     Job site analysis   

     Job matching  

     Job readiness 

     Job coaching

     Individual and family mentoring and counseling

All O.A.S. programs and services are based on, and intended to meet, the needs of our participants.

                                                                                                                    Employer Community Partners

Below is a brief overview of just some of the services and benefits available to employers.  For a more in-depth explanation and to get started, please contact Omni Advocacy Services, Inc.

Some of the Benefits to Employers working with O.A.S    

 ·         Dramatically reduce overhead by saving on advertising when a position needs to be filled.

 ·         Eliminate spending valuable time sorting through endless resumes that are submitted.

 ·         Reduce overhead involved in training and hiring by letting O.A.S pre-screen applicants to ensure proper placement.

 ·         Greatly decrease the cost of a new hire with O.A.S’s  pre-employment reimbursement opportunities.

 ·         Decrease costly turnover by working with O.A.S retention team to ensure new hire retention.

 ·         O.A.S provides timely quality services.

How can  O.A.S help and assist the Employer?
·      O.A.S will pre-screen all applicants for the position that you are hiring for.  We will make available for your review, online
       resumes with short video interviews of all clients meeting the qualifications for the position available. 
·      O.A.S will ensure that all applicants submitted for review meet the desired qualifications of the employer.

·      O.A.S will assist in obtaining the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for each client offered a position by an employer.  This qualifies

       the employer for tax credits.  O.A.S will also assists employer in utilizing any other tax credits they may qualify for.

·      O.A.S will identify those clients who qualify for OJT (On The Job Training), and will assist the employer in obtaining

      reimbursement of wages for up to three months (client must qualify for this reimbursement).

·      O.A.S has a qualified retention team that will facilitate for a minimum of 90 days with no maximum, to ensure a proper

      placement and retention.



                                                                                 ALL SERVICES ARE AT NO COST TO THE EMPLOYER and PARTICIPANT

                                All O.A.S. programs and services are based on, and intended to meet, the needs of our participants.