Omni History

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The History of Omni Advocacy Services;

Omni Advocacy Services is family owned and operated.  In 2007 Alicen Showers and her Parents Carl Holliday and Ruth Houston co-founded the Reintegration Advocacy Project (R.A.P.).  The mission of R.A.P. was to assist individuals, having been convicted of a felony, to successfully reintegrate back into our communities.

The Program ran from Alicen's Kitchen table for over a year until the operation moved “uptown” to Alicen’s garage converted to an office.  The program struggled to find funding, so the family pulled together, working full time jobs to fund the program.  Eventually they were able to move into an office and hire a small team.  In 2007 R.A.P. became Omni Advocacy Services.  The parameters of the program were vastly expanded to include any and all persons with a barrier to successful employment, and vowed to preclude no one from the program that were in need of our help.  As the program grew and and the vision became a reality shared by many, there were  heated but respectful debates and struggles, emotional and financial, that were real and painful.  

The program and its parameters were largely influenced by the personal experiences of all founders, and every individual that assisted in building what is now Omni Advocacy Services.

Carl  was a long time member of Mensa, Contracted with NASA and was head of the design team responsible the first pagers and cell phones ever used.  Carl also suffered with debilitating disabilities from the age of 13, however, he never let his barriers define him or prevent him from accomplishing anything he set out to do.  He brought innovative technology to the process as well as a fierce commitment to assist others realize their full potential.  Ruth a lifetime caregiver, mentor, advocate and servant for all that needed her and is the cornerstone of Omni’s core values and extensive wrap around services.  She is always ready to fight for what's right, even when it's not easy.  Alicen, with a larger than life, never say die, personality brought a fierce love and passion for life, people and the work to the program.

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Alicen’s daughter Meaghan, although only 16 at the program's inception, was involved in all aspects of the program from the beginning.  Not a single member of the family was able to resist the call to service that Omni created.  

It is impossible to include all those that were a part of building the program that Omni is today or that will be a part of the Omni of tomorrow.