Omni Advocacy Services


Advocacy is not what we do, It is who we are.

Omni Advocacy Services

Omni Advocacy Services is a consumer-focused, results-based, supportive employment, advocacy and community inclusion program. Each step of the process is designed to build on the last. Each goal set and met is an investment in the individual, the O.A.S team, and the community.

All Omni programs are designed to work as building blocks. Each step of the program is designed to increase the participant’s self-esteem, faith in their own abilities, as well as ties to their community. O.A.S. IS NOT a “one size fits all" program. The program is consumer focused and directed, therefore; all services and program models can and will be modified to suit each individual and their needs.

What sets us apart? There are several other organizations that provide employment services. One of the many things that set O.A.S. apart is the advocacy element that is done in conjunction with the employment services. O.A.S. does intensive case management and care coordination as a part of its employment services. There is not a “cookie cutter” program model that all participants must fit into.

Every participant of the O.A.S. program will receive as much or as little case management and job readiness training as he or she needs based on the information received at the time of intake and assessment. The program is designed and intended to be very individualized. O.A.S. has many established, long-standing relationships with area employers, while continuously cultivating new relationships.

Who does Omni provide services for/to? Omni Advocacy provides services to individuals with barriers through and by direct referral. Referrals are received from any State or Federal Agency (DFS, FSD, VR, DOC, DVA). Omni assists individuals with barriers to gain successful employment and community living skills.

Our Mission

Omni Advocacy Services is a consumer-focused, community-based, advocacy program designed and implemented to assist individuals with disabilities and their families by providing a full range of services. It is our belief that EVERYONE has the right to be seen and heard, to be treated with respect and dignity, and given the opportunity to realize their full potential and their dreams. By providing a value based, passion driven business approach that always puts client needs above all else. It is our goal to implement true and transforming improvement through advocacy, education, empowerment and training for consumers and our community.

Our Vision

Through building relationships within our community, education and training, we seek to expand opportunities in ways that are life changing to our clients and transforming for our communities. Given our deep belief in our clients and communities, the magnitude of inequity and its consequences, our optimism about the solvability of the problem, we act with high standards, urgency, and a long-term view. Our goal is to inspire and educate others to do the same.