C Frankiln Foundation

The C. Franklin Foundation was organized in 2014 in honor of Carl Franklin Holliday.

The dream and mission for the program is to effectively implement positive change for individuals with disabilities and their families through advocacy, lobbying, and providing individual customized Services. Carl F. Holliday's life was the inspiration for the Foundation. Carl was a long time member of Mensa, contracted with NASA, and was head of the design team responsible the first pagers and cell phones ever used. Carl suffered with debilitating disabilities from the age of 13, however, he never let his barriers define him or prevent him from accomplishing anything he set out to do. He dedicated his life to innovative technology in the arena of adaptive technology, as well as assisting others realize their full potential. After a lifetime of overcoming disabilities and advocating for others, Mr. Holliday passed from aggressive head and neck cancer on April 6th 2013. His dream and legacy lives on every day with the work done through the foundation

The butterfly was the inspiration for the C Franklin Logo. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and joy. Its dance reflects the need for movement from where we are, to our next phase of being.

Our Mission

C Franklin Foundation is an advocacy program designed and implemented to assist individuals with Barriers by providing a full range of services. It is our belief that EVERYONE has the right to be seen and heard, to be treated with respect and dignity, and given the opportunity to realize their full potential and their dreams. By providing a value based, passion driven business approach that always puts client needs above all else. It is our goal to implement true and transforming improvement through advocacy, education, empowerment and training for consumers and our community.

Our Vision

Through building relationships within our community, education and training, we seek to expand opportunities in ways that are life changing to our clients and transforming for our communities. Given our deep belief in our clients and communities, the magnitude of inequity and its consequences, our optimism about the solvability of the problem, we act with high standards, urgency, and a long-term view. Our goal is to inspire and educate others to do the same.

In Loving memory of Carl F Holliday